About Us

Mosquito Medic’s Goal #1: Protect Your Health and Sanity!

Mosquito Medic is your outdoor pest control specialist, and we do house calls. We are trained certified professionals who take the time needed to inspect your property, identify trouble spots, make proactive recommendations, and apply preventative treatments. Mosquito Medic is devoted to improving the quality of your life and the experiences you have outdoors by protecting your family from dangerous and aggravating insects. Let the experts take over the responsibility of ensuring that only invited guests show up to the party.

Environmental and Health Safety

Mosquito Medic applies stable pesticides that have been widely used for decades by a number of industries to not just repel, but to kill irritating insects. Applied to clothing by the U.S. military, food crops in agriculture, and bed nets in malaria-plagued areas, these “real world” insect barriers have long been studied and proven to be some of the most effective pesticides for the smallest impact on the environment. Every variety of treatment we employ in each area of your property has been carefully selected for its effectiveness and minimal possible effect on nature.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You should notice a tremendous difference after the first Mosquito Medic treatment. If you are not satisfied, Mosquito Medic will reinspect your property and try a modified approach. If you are still not satisfied with Mosquito Medic for any reason, you can simply cancel your treatments at any time and receive a 100% refund.

Businesses, Government & Special Events

Home owners are not the only customers served by Mosquito Medic, as many types of commercial and municipal facilities serve the public in outdoor spaces should offer the same protection and relief from dangerous and annoying pests. Given the potential for permanent health damage, it is important to consider the very real potential for serious legal liability in ignoring an ongoing infestation problem. The safety and comfort within the open-air grounds of many schools, churches, campuses, parks, rec facilities, sports fields, playgrounds, gardens, pavillions, amphitheatres, centers, pools, courts, pathways, restaurants, animal stables, etc. could be improved with our convenient and affordable Institutional Pest Prevention Programs. Make every visit or event a pleasant and safe one for your paying customers and public constituents. Whether you need to safeguard a single event such as a wedding or party (3-day prior notice required), or ongoing grounds coverage for lasting effect, contact Mosquito Medic today for a free in-person consultation so we can tailor a program to fit your needs and budget.