Frequently Asked Questions

Does It Work?

Interestingly enough this is our most common question. The thought of having a mosquito free yard seems too good to be true. Yes it works, we guarantee it!! You can enjoy the yard again.

How much does it cost?

We customize our pricing based on the size of your yard. Although we are very willing to meet you at your house, we can give you a quote over the phone or email. It only takes a minute or two. Most yards fall between $80 and $95 per treatment. Click here to request a quote or call us at 703-957-0640.

How does it work?

We treat standing water pools with a larvacide to eliminate and prevent larvae. We also treat all the areas where mosquitos like to hang out such as shrubs, foliage, and all the other moist shady areas in your yard. The treatment acts like a barrier for 21 days by killing any mosquitoes that come in contact with the treated area.

What if my neighbor has mosquitos?

Our spray treatment acts like a barrier for 3 weeks. If mosquitoes come in contact with an area we treated, they will not make it very far into your yard!

How often do you treat my yard?

We spray every 3 weeks starting in early April. A full season consists of approximately 8 to 10 treatments.

Is it safe?

All our products are EPA approved and used in accordance with the guidelines from the manufacturer. The main product we spray is a synthetic form of Pyrethrins referred to as Pyrethoids. Pyrethrins are naturally occurring chemicals that are derived from the flowers of Chrysanthemum. Pyrethoids are used in household products that you probably already have in your house such as household insecticides and pet shampoos. Military members are given clothing treated with Pyrethoids in jungle climates. You may have slept under a mosquito net treated with Pyrethoids.

You and your pets should not be outside for the 15 to 30 minutes that the yard is being treated. Pets and children should not come in contact with the treated area until the treatment dries (about 30 minutes).

Are the treatments for just mosquitos?

As an added bonus our products also treat ticks, stink bugs, ants, fleas, and other pests.

Do you do special events or commercial properties?

Yes. We make outdoor weddings much more comfortable.

Does rain wash it away?

As long as the treatment has dried prior to the rain, it will not wash it away

Do I need to be home when the yard is treated?

No. You will receive an email the day before your treatment. The only thing you need to do is leave any gates unlocked and keep any pets inside.

What if I see mosquitos in between treatments?

Call us! We will be happy to spray again.