How It Works

Educated Assessments. Careful Applications. Lasting Effects.

Mosquito Medic’s trained specialists will visit your property once every three weeks to treat your yard for about a half hour. We will email you the day before the treatment so call or email us if you need to reschedule. A small lawn marker will be left behind in a visible location on your property after each treatment. People and pets are advised to allow the treatment to dry thoroughly (about 30 minutes) before entering the sprayed areas. After 30 minutes, everyone can feel free to enter the treated area.

Simple Pricing

Mosquito Medic’s offering is as easy to understand as the prevention methods.
We customize our pricing based on the size of your yard. Although we are very willing to meet you at your house, we can give you a quote over the phone or email. It only takes a minute or two. Click here to request a quote or call us at 703‑957‑0640.

Treatment Scheduling

Treatments take place once every three weeks for about 30 minutes during normal business hours, from April through October, according to a schedule that works for you. You do not have to be present during treatments, but feel free to ask our staff questions if you are.